Viper deLuxe

The touring machine

The Viper deLuxe combines a powerful fog machine and a fan in a robust flight case. It can be equipped with both the Viper NT and the Viper 2.6. It can be used everywhere where large amounts of fog are needed in the shortest time. Due to the wide fog output, even larger clubs and halls can be filled with fog.

Thus, the Viper deLuxe is the perfect machine for events, concerts, special effects, theme parcs, for fire fighter and catastrophy trainings and much more. The connected powerful fan increases the output range even more. The airflow can be deflected vertically by an air baffle. To prevent dirt or confetti from entering, the flight case is completely closed. The side filters can be quickly cleaned or changed.

Technical data

Vaporizing fog generator
Power requirement
Viper NT: 1300 W Viper, 2.6: 2600 W
230 V / 50 Hz
Warm up time
approx. 7 min. (NT) / 12 min., (2.6)
Fluid consumption
NT: 120 ml/min. (max. Output) 35 ml/min. (cont. Output)
2.6: 240 ml/min. (max. Output) 70 ml/min. (cont. Output)
Fluid tank capacity
20 liter
Fog output
adjustable in 99 steps (1% steps)
Output projection
approx. 25 m
Fogging time
approx. 40 sec. at max. output, at < 50% continuous output
Temperature control
Microprocessor controlled
Overheating protection
Heater block/thermostat, Pump/Thermal switch
DMX 512, Stand alone
Dimensions (L x W x H)
77 x 49.5 x 83.5 cm
empty: NT: 65 kg / 2.6: 67 kg
filled: NT: 87 kg / 2.6: 89 kg

Technical data fan

Procedure: Radial blower
Voltage: 230V/50/60Hz
Power: 450 Watt
Volume flow 1605 m3/h
Power consumption: 2.8 A
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