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Look Solutions - Fog machines Made in Germany


Our 10th anniversairy press release

Fog is our business...and has been for a decade!

2007 sees German smoke machine manufacturers, Look Solutions, celebrating their tenth anniversary, proudly selling their fog and haze generators – “Made in Germany” - to professionals worldwide.

Instigated by Kirsten Eicher and operating from an office and small workshop storing and dispatching a small product range, Look Solutions soon found it necessary to move in into its own large premises in Ronnenberg. Now, with distributors in 31 countries all over the world and a subsiduary in the US, Look Solutions is a truly global company.

Part of its success is derived from the close working relationship between the Production, Consultation & Sales and Service departments which all share the same premises. This enables fast and constant communication creating the ideal conditions for the development of innovative products, allowing the designers to respond quickly to customers’ requirements and create products to fit an ever-changing market.

“Our product range is very different from the small beginnings of ten years ago,” explains Eicher. “We now produce machines which will cover all aspects of the market from the Viper range of fog generators to the Unique 2 hazer with its quick warm up time, the adjustable output and the very low fluid consumption. We have machines for specialised uses like the massive 9kW-generator Orka for a high quantity fog output or, at the other end of the scale, the unique Tiny-range of battery operated fog generators, which can be built into costumes and props for the theatre market. Most recently, with the launch of the new Cryo-Fog in 2006, we have a presence in the low-fog market.”

Originally concentrating on the theatre market, Look Solutions products are now sought after by fire brigades, air flow testing companies and amusement and theme parks as well as being employed on film sets and spectaculars such as the opening ceremony of the 2006 Asian Games in Doha.

Almost the entire range of Look smoke and haze machines can currently be seen in the London production of Lord of the Rings at the Drury Lane theatre from the Orka down to the new Tiny TF 07 which marks its debut appearance in this production.

“At the end of our first decade of business we are very excited and optimistic about the future,” says Eicher. “We are still as enthusiastic about our market as we were ten years ago and are already planning more products to bring to the market.”

Look Solutions also offers a range of accessories, flightcases and haze- and fog fluids.