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Look Solutions - Fog machines Made in Germany

Product details

Pumping station

Pumping station

Fluid supply unit.

The Pumping station supplies fluid from one base to up to 32 connected haze- or fog generators located up to 15 m height.

Thus, also fog generators located at not easily accessible places can be feeded, superseded regularly changing or refilling the fluid canister.

In general

The Pumping station can be located in a suitable place (wall-mounted frame) and connected to a barrel or 25L-canister for fluid.

A special barrel-/canister connector with extraction- and venting hose guarantees easy operation.

The fog generators must be equipped with special fluid reservoirs.

Due to the quick acting connector, the reservoirs can be connected to all Look generators.

Modified tank holder with reservoir are available for Viper nt and Viper 2.6, for other machines the  fluid reservoir will be delivered with a hanging yoke.

An air level placed in the lid simplyfies an exact justification.

The connection to the Pumping station and between the fluid reservoirs is been made with a 10mm-PU-hose.

To ease the laying of the hose, several connectors are available (straight, T-, Y- and L-connectors).

The fluid reservoir contains an adequacy amount of fog fluid and will be automatically refilled by the Pumping station if neccessary.

Thus, the connected fog generators won‘t run dry.

The system is equipped with mechanical protectors to avoid overfilling of the fluid reservoirs.

The protector even notes when the fluid hose is leaking, and the Pumping station stops working after a pre-programmed time.

As an option,  electronical sensors can be added to increase safety.

Several settings as well as the adjusting of the DMX address can be made at a RDM desk via the DMX/RDM-function.

The Pumping station can be controlled directly at the display, via DMX or with the internal Timer.

The Timer can be sectioned into 16 blocs with different Start- and Stop-time.

Thus, the Pumping station only works during the programmed time.

The Pumping station is made for fixed installations. Nevertheless it can also be used on tour.Helpful tools like self-locking connectors facilitate a frequent in- and deinstallation.


Pumpstation Fluidreservoirs
Image: Fluidreservoir with hanging yoke and with modified tank holder.

Technische Daten


110 V - 230 V

Power consumption

80 Watt

internal Timer

Dimensions (L x W x H)

36 x 36 x 23 cm


11,3 kg

Package includes

  • Pumping station
  • Mains cable with Powercon-connector
  • 1 self-locking connector and 1 end fitting

Needed accessories

  • Fluid reservoir and T-connector with hanging yoke or modified tank holder (to connect to Look Viper-series)
  • Connecting hose (10 mm PU)
  • Barrel-/canister connector with extraction- and venting hose
  • Connectors


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