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Product details

Lookfan DMX

Lookfan DMX

DMX-controllable centrifugal blower.

The Look-Fan DMX is a powerful fan with 850 Watt.

It can be used where fog needs to be distributed quickly and constant or where a strong wind effect is needed.

The supplied hanging yoke guarantees a flexible use and can be adjusted in every needed angle.

The Look-Fan DMX can also be build onto a stand.

The fan is controllable via DMX and can be adjusted from 0 to 99%. The DMX start-address can be adjusted and saved in the internal display.

The output power can also be adjusted in this display, along with start or stop functions.

Technische Daten


Centrifugal blower

Power consumption max.

850 Watt


230 V / 50 Hz


max. 1250/min.

Volume flow

approx. 9000 m3/hrs.


0 - 99%


29,5 kg


dmx fan frontdmx fan side


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